The excuse of our time – Time!

Despite having helped various organisations and people with producing and setting up their own personal and corporate blogs I have, like many others, used the excuse of time and never really got my own version off the ground. After much consideration and endless excuses floating through my head I decided to dive right into it.

My motivation for starting this blog is twofold – to get all those interesting topics that keep me up at night ringing through my head out on a platform where I can share my ideas and thoughts and  to develop my personal brand. My new motto is to keep myself busy with the things that interest me, at least on a professional level.

Having entered the final leg of my difficult, yet very rewarding MBA studies, and now completing my specialisation in the areas I have a real passion for, I thought what better time to start and get the discussion on some of these very relevant modern business challenges going.

For a long time I thought there was merit in my excuse to not have enough time. You see, since we live in a world of fast food, fast fashion, fast information and literally fast everything, my excuse has always been that I spend a lot of time working with Twitter and blogs in my professional career, therefore I do not have the time to focus on this in a personal capacity. This does not include LinkedIn and Facebook since I am a bit of a junky on these networks. So, I have now combined the two and will make it my business to bring you some interesting views on social media, innovation, the digital workplace and other areas that I am working hard at gaining as much knowledge in as I can.

Over the next 15 days I have set myself a challenge to produce one blog post per day and I hope to hear your comments on the views expressed in my posts. I also welcome you to connect with me on other social platforms.




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