The Social Dinosaur is still ‘Alive and Well’

Social DinosaurOver the past couple of weeks I had conversations with various professionals and companies asking for help with their social media strategy. It may come as a surprise to some of you that many companies still has no or very little presence on social media, to some of you it may be no surprise at all.

One of the most common objections I get is from b2b organisations and a very good objection I had from a CEO the other day. ‘We are a b2b operations and Twitter will not help our business in any way’ he quickly stated  when I brought up Twitter. The company in question is an entrepreneurial technology company specialising in idea generation and idea sharing software. My obvious response was that Twitter is one of the most effective platforms in driving a brand presence and brand reach, and as such, can play a fundamental role in driving website traffic, supporting your sales process, help you establish thought leadership and drive traffic to all your other online profiles apart from all the other benefits presented for a b2b business targeting the prospects they target.

It has become clear that the old Social Dinosaur is not dead and still very much alive. The resistance element from senior management and lack of buy-in continues to be a problem and businesses are loosing out on the many opportunities presented by social media. There seems to be many more common misconceptions out there than you may think.

Another interesting development is where companies have a small presence, for example a Twitter handle and Facebook page, and are of the view that they have fully embraced social media. When having a closer look, there appears to be nothing more happening than the odd update and a one-way push of company information and irrelevant posts or tweets.

The critical thing to remember is that social media spreads across functions in the business and a clear social media strategy is not as hard to develop and implement as one may think. Social media has been created by the people for the people and businesses need to embrace that, get on with it and figure out on a learn-as-you-go basis instead of pondering on about if it is the right direction for the business to go or not. We all started somewhere and then gained valuable knowledge on how to do things along the way along the way. It is pretty simple, so the sooner you start, the lessor the chance of your business staying behind.


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