No make-up selfie + make up + a whole lot of pouting + no wallet = an ordinary selfie

No Make UpWe have recently seen a whole lot of ‘selfies’ being posted on Facebook and for a very good cause need I state. The onset of the selfie started with necnominations and well, the more braver attempt by men to support testicular cancer followed – ‘Cock in a Sock’, yes I said it. Will I do it? Absolutely not, no. Do I support the cause, very much indeed. One thing I did observe with the latter is the overwhelming ‘more athletic types’ fully embracing this effort. Although I support the cause I can’t help myself but to feel this to be any narcissist’s dream – a good excuse to drop the clothes, throw that sock on and show the world my body.

The ‘No make-up selfie’ makes for a better discussion. We have all been bombarded with the no make-up selfie on social media and earlier today I had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine Yolandi, where she voiced her ‘dissatisfaction’ with some of the selfies she had seen over the past couple of days. At first she thought, ‘what a  brilliant idea’ but then the flood gates opened – the start of a pouting contest. More like, my pout is better than yours! Have you come across many ‘selfies’ with indeed a lot of make-up on? The idea of the no make-up selfie is to strip your face bare yet Yolandi could not help but to wonder how many of you actually spend quite a bit of time preparing for your no make-up selfie, by applying just the right amount of make-up.

The biggest problem however, is that the idea relates to making a donation, then taking your selfie, and loading it up making sure you encourage your friends and those in your community to follow suit. It is important to remember to actually share a link or indicate where you can make such a donation, before nominating your friends. That is the whole point. Problem is, selfies are flying around left right and centre ‘for a good cause’ but the cause is not helped without that valuable donation. So I challenge those of you who partook in this and did not make the donation, to actually go ahead and do it. Share the link and inform your friends of how this work and where a donation can be made. Strip ALL the make-up, we won’t feel any different about you beautiful creatures, your support for the cause is what makes you beautiful. As for the pouting, well, you can pout all you want ladies!


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