The Digital and Social Workplace: Driving a Happy and Engaged Workforce

Virgin Richard BransonSir Richard Branson could not have said it better: ‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to’.

Is this true for your business? If the answer is not an unequivocal, no, or if you hesitated in answer this question, then perhaps it’s time you consider a new approach?

The digital age has brought about many challenges for businesses across the board and while many choose to ignore the many rapid changes and continue business as normal, smart businesses have turned to modern technology to drive a social enterprise strategy thereby embracing the social age and are deploying new digital workplace technology that creates a positive climate resulting in driving a great culture in the organisation through enterprise social collaboration and networking.

So, how is this relevant to Branson’s quote above?

It’s quite simple actually –  the social enterprise engages its workforce, gives the workforce a voice, involves them in every aspect of the business, create a platform for them to sharing ideas, opinions and views, and to collaborate on projects, and ultimately drives a communities effort. This ultimately leads to creating a belonging for your staff to the organisation and will result in employee loyalty. Of course, many other factors need to be considered as well but this may be a very good place to start.

Still feel your command and control leadership style works best and we can continue to ignore the many changes that are happening all around your business?
The developments in digital workplace technology have brought about massive benefits for the enterprise which I would like to share. In a follow up post, I will discuss ten of these benefits that will hopefully convince you to explore social enterprise technology a little further. The sooner you embrace this new form of working the better, it will not go away.


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