About Me

Peru FourieI was born and raised in the bushveld, South Africa and had the privilege of spending much of my time in the African wild. My passion for this beautiful land and its wildlife will always remain my number one true love. Whilst I have many remarkable stories to tell about this era of my life, the focus of my blog is rather on a different type of jungle – the corporate jungle. This jungle has a blessing – technology. It also has a beast – technology.

Having changed my career from practising as an attorney to corporate business, I soon became obsessed with the digital age and the challenges as well as opportunities rapid developments in technology has brought about for businesses in general. I developed a keen interest in how social media and technology is fast changing customer behaviour as we know it, and how consumer technology is making its way into the digital workplace.

In early 2012 I had the privilege of leading the development of the UK’s first comprehensive social media services offering for a contact centre BPO, the CCA Digital Generation Centre. This project gave me insight into how various different businesses, from the larger Fortune 500 companies to smaller SMEs, struggled to evolve and define social media strategies let alone cope with the sudden surge in customers using these channels to talk about the brand, its products and services.

This project led to another passion in discovery – the digital workplace. I’m very interested in social enterprise collaboration and networking, and the technology to support this completely new way of working.

My obsession with innovation management, idea generation and supporting continuous improvement efforts of the business, will be an area I cover off regularly as well. I am keen to discuss Technology, such as a fully integrated innovative intranet solutions, process innovation through collaboration platforms and networking solutions, how this drives the corporate cultural in the businesses,  management’s resistance to these modern challenges, and common related leadership challenges.

The views expressed in my posts are based on personal view points unless otherwise indicated through the relevant links and references.

That being said – welcome to my blog!




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