Innovation Management


Every business needs to innovate, make changes, adjust to the times, demands of customers, economic forces and so on. Every second job description I find online, refers to looking for individuals that are entrepreneurial and innovative. The question must be asked – does a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial individual joining the organisation make the company innovative? Of course, innovation and entrepreneurship starts with people but it is hardly as simple as that. Where does creativity come from and what are the front end elements to innovation such as the entrepreneurial individual requirement? Perhaps we should go even further back. What about the culture of the organisation, does this encourage idea sharing, employee, partner and customer involvement? What about the leadership style and management approach in the organisation? Will a command and control style, which apparently is becoming taboo, yet I see this almost every day, suit a culture of innovation? Going even further back, what about creating the right climate to stimulate creativity?

At the core of the topics covered on this blog is the most important element to the business – people. The treatment of our people in the business will impact greatly on the objectives we wish to achieve and this, once again, includes the organisations desire to innovate or continuously improve. It is therefore vital that we see the bigger picture and consider the many factors influencing innovation even before we go ahead and hire that ‘creative and innovative’ professional. We need to ensure the entire ‘ecosystem’ and environment support the innovation effort.

Here are some of the key areas I hope to focus on.



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