Enterprise Social Collaboration


The rise of social media has brought about exciting changes in the way we communicate and engage with customers. Although it has been difficult for businesses to respond to the many rapid changes, it brought about exciting changes in the way we work within the organisation. Since the arrival of the company intranet, traditionally used as a one-way stream information depository (and still used as such by many organisations), developments in workplace technology has introduced new ways of employee-employee and organisation-employee engagement. Enterprise social networking and collaboration with the arrival of Jive, Yammer, Chatter, and various other solutions has become one of the most talked about business topics today. Whilst the benefits of introducing such new ways of working are immense, a strong degree of resistance exists on the part of senior executives to embrace the digital workplace.

I will attempt to address some of the common and more modern challenges faced by organisations in this area. My main focus will be on the intranet as an effective tool to drive corporate culture and not the other way around, social networking, collaboration, digital leadership, the all important people element, as well as how we can engage with our customers and partners on this platform. Key to this will be how to improve our overall internal communications strategy.

I hope to cover off most of the areas below.

Digital Workplace


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